Why do Babies Scream and How to Handle?

Why do Babies Scream and How to Handle?


Do you know why do babies scream sometimes? Well, it is hard to understand why the babies are screaming, but we believe this is one of the ways for baby can do, as they want to interact with us. The fact is, we need to know about the screaming baby as we should also know how to handle the baby when he is screaming often, whether there is something bothered him or it is just like the other normal screaming.

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As long as we know how to handle a baby screaming, then we do not have to be afraid. There are a lot of ways to understand why do babies scream and how to handle, when it happens.

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  • Check The Diaper

Sometimes when the baby is screaming that is because the diaper is wet or it needs to be changed soon. Right after the baby screaming, then you should check the diaper whether it is wet or it is full. Make sure you clean the skin of the baby first before you change the diaper in order to avoid the irritation.

  • When The Last Time He Ate?

Another signal you should know about the time when the baby is screaming is because he is hungry. Just remember when the last time he ate, if it is a mealtime, then you should give him the food so he will get calm again. Sometimes the baby is screaming when he is hungry.

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  • Noise

Be careful with the things around the baby. Sometimes when it is too noisy or when the baby is shocked by the noise, then the baby will start to scream. Reducing the noise or move the baby to the quiet area so he can sleep or calm again.

  • Fatigue

Baby does not do a lot of activities, but he needs to get enough rest. When the baby is fatigue, then you need to keep him comfortable so he can get enough sleep and keep the energy saved.

  • Wants to be hugged

Babies want hugs. They wish to see their parents’ faces, hear their voices, and hear their heartbeats, and might even sight for their distinctive smell. Crying has often indicated their manner of asking to be hugged and hold. This situation may trigger screaming baby too.

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  • Pain or Illness

When all things above already done, but the baby keep screaming, then you should check the temperature of the baby. It can be a signal that the baby is feeling the pain or sick and you should take him to the doctor as soon as possible. The baby cannot hold the pain so this is the reason, why do babies scream.

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