Simple Watermelon Baby Fruits Basket

Simple Watermelon Baby Fruits Basket

The watermelon baby bassinet could be one of the attractions on your baby shower party because this is a good style to serve the dishes. There are so many ways in presenting the foods and beverages for the baby shower party and the watermelon baby carriage is one of the best ways to show off your skill. I know that it is a little bit hard to make it and you will need a lot of time to carve every single fruit that used, but the result is worthy. You need to experiment before you make your own watermelon carriage so you will get the perfect result.

watermelon baby carriage for baby shower

baby fruit basket

The watermelon is the main component that will be shaped like the basket. You can cut a quarter part of it and start to carve from the edge to the inside of it. You need to do it carefully so you will not damage the flesh inside because we need this part to make a baby-shape. After you finish cutting on this part, you already finished the first part of the watermelon baby basket. You need to make the last touch so the flesh of the watermelon resembles like a baby. The essence of this dish is representing the baby in the womb.

watermelon fruit baby carriagePlease note this one, you do not need to throw away the watermelon flesh because you can use it as the fruit punch for the beverages. Meanwhile, for making the appearance of this basket looks beautiful, you can start to fill the watermelon baby carriage with some fruits. Some people use berries and slice of melon, cherry, and the other colorful fruits to decorate the bassinet. This is a good idea to make the appearance of the watermelon carriage look better. For the finishing, you can serve it on the large plate with other dishes on the baby shower meeting. I bet everyone will be impressed with your effort because you can make your own simple watermelon baby basket.

baby watermelon basket

baby carriage watermelon

watermelon fruit basket

If you failed at the first attempt, just remember this is a good start. Finish your first attempt so you will not make the same mistake again on the second try. Somehow you will find your own path to make better watermelon baby bassinet. Try to explore new fruit combinations, or you can pour fruit punch on the basket so you can get a better watermelon carriage.

watermelon baby carriage

watermelon baby shower ideas

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