Ideas For The Baby Shower Lunch Menu

Ideas For The Baby Shower Lunch Menu


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When you decide to hold a meeting at noon, then baby shower luncheon menu would be the best recipe to be served. Sunday could be the perfect day to invite all your friends to attend the baby shower party for mothers to be. This is the day off for some people and it gives them more chance to go to your house. And, you must be responsible because you will not let all the guests hungry because they finally can go to the celebration and the baby shower lunch menu can be good a reward for the guest. Surprise them with your sense of cooking by making the best recipe you can do.

This is a chance to show off your cooking skill and test your ability in determining the menu. Prepare certain time to get baby shower lunch ideas so you can cook the best food you can do. I know that it drives you crazy because you are wondering whether the food taste good or not. So, it would be a wise move if you are trying to make some of these recipes before you decide the baby shower menu that would be served. Here’s the lists of menu for lunch;

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  • Mini Fritatas

It’s a great time to enjoy spicy food at the baby shower party. So, you can make mini fritata so it can be crunched in one piece and wake your appetite. It is a delicious appetizer for baby shower lunch menu.

  • Minty Salad

If you need fresh food that can light up your day, minty salad can be a good selection. It is as simple as regular salad, but you can add mint leaves to give different sensation on the taste.

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  • Apple Raisins French Toast

I think that everyone would agree to enjoy your fruity food at noon. It can be as freshness as well because the combination of raisins and apple can be a good dessert for the main course.

  • Heavenly Cake

It is always a good time to enjoy cake in any kind of moment. And, if you are lack of ideas what can be served on the baby shower celebration. The Heavenly Cake would be perfect baby shower lunch ideas.

  • Fish and Chips

You can follow the British tradition by serving fish and chips on the baby shower party. It is tasty yet simple food that can be served in a minute as a baby shower luncheon menu.

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