How to Play Fun Baby Shower Bingo Game

How to Play Fun Baby Shower Bingo Game

Baby shower bingo is an old game that still preferred until now because it is an easy game to do. The game is also one of the most popular games around the world and it has been played for a long time. Even though the game is simple, but people love to play it because it is like a bet that will guide you to the prizes for the winner. No wonder that baby bingo game still being played at the baby shower party in order to make the ambiance good.  You can select this game to be played at the venue so everyone can blend and happy together.

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Today, I will tell you how to play baby shower bingo game on the meeting. But before you start the game, it is better to prepare the baby shower bingo cards so every guest will receive their own cards. Here is the simple step of how to play baby bingo game.

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  1. Spread Bingo Cards

As I told you before, you need to find baby shower bingo cards that will be given to each guest. You have to make sure that every guest receives one bingo card so everyone can blend together and join the game.

  1. Guess And Write It!

The baby shower bingo game can be played as all of the guests receive their cards. Give 5 or 10 minutes to all the guests so they can guess what kind of present that received by the mommy to be. Make sure all the column is filled with the answer of the game.

  1. Open The Gifts

As the contestants write all of the columns and the guess, this is the time for the mommy to be, to open the gifts. You can start to count how much gifts for the mommy to be and let the content of the gift are displayed.

  1. Mark The Answer

When the mommy to be opens the gift, the guest should start to mark the answer if they get it right. It is should be adapted with the gift that received by the mommy to be.

  1. Yell BINGO!

Right after the contestant mark five answers in a row, they should yell “BINGO”. The first contestant that yells bingo will be the winner of the game. You should correct the answer to make sure it matches the baby shower bingo answer key.

Those are five steps to play the baby bingo. Now you can start to prepare all the things you need if you want to play baby shower bingo.

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