Creating a Baby Shower Menu

Creating a Baby Shower Menu

So you are going to be the hostess of a baby shower party for one of your friends or relatives? If you find yourself in this situation you are undoubtedly struggling to come up with a baby shower food menu that is going to be appealing and suits all of the guests. The key to putting together a memorable baby shower menu is being creative. Long gone are the days when cake and ice cream are all you giving to your guests. These days it is almost obligatory to be creative and put together a baby shower menu that will help your shower to be long remembered by your guests.

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Decide the theme

The very first step in creating a top baby shower menu is to actually decide on the theme of your baby shower. Ideally baby shower menu should reflect the theme of the event. For example, if you are planning on throwing an elegant garden party, you should consider devising a baby shower menu that includes elegantly cut finger sandwiches, dainty cakes washed down by some beautiful tea and coffee. You can choose to finish off the festivities with decorative biscuits.

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If on the other hand you are planning to throw a baby shower that is centered on baby friendly decorations like ‘rubber ducks’ or ‘baby rattles’ this should be reflected in your menu.

If a ‘rubber duck’ theme is your preference then it is quite easy to design a baby shower menu that incorporates bright yellow foods served in cheerful colored bowls and platters. You can also expand on the baby theme by serving crisp baby vegetables with a fresh garden dip.

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Decide how much to serve

Before you write out your baby shower menu ideas it is important to know how many guests you are going to be entertaining and what kind of meal you want to serve them. Will it be a sit down event with lunch, brunch, tea, or dinner? Are you going to have it served by a wait staff or will it be a buffet style where guests serve themselves? Is the party going to be an evening affair that only requires a few hot finger foods and deserts?

Deciding the type of meal you will need to serve will definitely assist you to effectively plan an ideal baby shower menu.

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Get to know the guests

When you come to create a baby shower menu it is important to know what kind of food your guests prefer. Sometimes dietary requirements, religion and eating habits have an influence on what food is to be served. If you have a wide range of guests it is probably much safer to keep to serving simple foods that will appeal to all tastes.

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Remember, as the mother-to-be cannot drink alcohol because of her pregnancy it is not particularly polite to serve alcohol other than a token glass of champagne or sparkling wine with which to celebrate the impending arrival.

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