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Should the Baby Shower be for the Mom or the Couple?

One idea that is getting more popular for baby showers is including the father in the celebration. After all, his life is going to change too, even if he doesn’t go through pregnancy or labor personally. Holding a coed baby shower isn’t a bad idea at all.coed baby shower

The best way to know if you should plan a coed celebration is to ask the mom and then the dad. She knows what she wants, and the party’s about her and her baby, right? Some guys are a little awkward still about going to what is traditionally an event for women, so it can pay to ask the dad. Many are quite eager to participate.

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Most coed baby showers are more of a family focused event. They aren’t so much about the games, although you can still play one or two if you like. But there may be a lot more talk going on. Make sure there’s plenty of space for socializing. You shouldn’t invite only the father for a coed baby shower. He’ll feel awkward among all the women. I know this one well, as my husband and I insisted that he be allowed to attend our baby shower, but his mother and other women there insisted he be excluded quite a bit, and then he had to leave for the gift opening.

couples baby shower

Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Not what he wanted from the party at all, and we both felt it was unfair to him. Include other men in the invitations. Odds are good that many of the women you would invite have husbands or significant others. You can make a couples baby shower invitations. Invite them as well as any special friends of the father, just as you would do for the mother.  Let the couple open gifts together. Daddy is going to have to be involved with his baby too, after all, and he may like seeing what they’ve been given.

couples baby shower invitations

Think of things that will be fun across gender lines. Barbeque at the shower, for example. You can still talk about the pregnancy because odds are the dad has plenty of stories about how the mom’s pregnancy has been for him. Having the shower be coed is a great way to acknowledge that fathers these days tend to be more involved with their babies than in times past. Why should you pretend otherwise at the shower?

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