Baby Shower Tasty Snacks and Food Ideas

Baby Shower Tasty Snacks and Food Ideas

Baby shower ideas for food can be a hard choice since there are a lot of food and snack recipes that can be made and serve for all the guests. And, it can be matched the theme of the baby shower party. It is better to adjust the meals to the time when you are holding the meeting so it would be easier to determine the right selections. There are so many kinds of baby shower snacks that separated into two types. You can select the sweet snacks or the savory snacks. When you have already  decided one of them, then it makes you easier to select it.

baby shower snacks ideas

If you want to arouse the appetite, then you can choose the savory snacks. And, you need the baby shower information, which is the best savory snacks that easy to be made and it will be liked by the guests. I will give you some of the easiest snacks recipes that you can make within 10 minutes. Here’s the list of the savory and tasty baby shower snacks.

baby shower snack food ideas

  • Baked Salmon Sandwich

Salmon is full of nutrients and good for the baby and the mother to be. You can serve this snack and cut it into some pieces so it can be eaten in one bite. The taste of the salmon is savory and you can add cucumber to normalize the smoky baked taste.

  • Mashed Potato and Mushroom Crab

Mushroom and crab are good combinations because you will get a tasty snack. You can cook the mushroom with the crab and adding some spices and pepper to get spice taste. It will be a great appetizer because this snack can wake your appetite.

  • Cardomom-Cheese Straws

Cardomom-Cheese Straws can be a good baby shower ideas for food since you just need to get cardomom and adding cheese before you fry it. Make sure you cook it well, so the cheese will not too mushy. And, you can serve tomato sauce so the guest can dip it.

  • Chilled Lemon Pea Soup

If you need fresh snack food ideas for your baby shower party, then you can make this spicy soup. The taste of the lemon will neutralize the spice and it tastes savory. You can combine it with Cardomom-Cheese Straw as well.

  • Shrimp and Bacon Dip

This is a perfect match between the seafood and favorite food; bacon. You can dip it into a creamy sauce and this is great savory baby shower snacks.

snack food ideas

baby shower snack ideas

baby shower snack foods

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