Baby Shower Jeopardy Game

Baby Shower Jeopardy Game


Baby shower jeopardy nursery rhymes are popular old games and still being played until today on every baby shower party. This is kind of simple game where everyone can play without having to think too much. The rules are simple; just make sure all of the participants on the party, get the cards written about the scores and the kind of rhymes. Usually, there are five categories written on the cards and each category has its own score start from 100 up to 500. You can find and buy the cards on eBay or get from the nearest store in your area.

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The game starts as the team rolls the dice in order to know which team should move first. The team has the highest number on the dice will start first and begin to answer from the question available on baby shower jeopardy questions. They can continue to the next question as they succeed answer the question, but when the answer is wrong, it means the next team plays the game by answering the question and get the scores as well. This is why the baby jeopardy game has so much fun when being played because the teams must compete by answering the questions with the right answers in order to gain the highest scores.

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Free Baby Shower Jeopardy Game Printable

If you plan to play this game at the baby shower party, then you should prepare it first. Just make sure you have sufficient cards of question to the participants who joined the game. You can take a look for free printable baby shower jeopardy game via Internet. In this way, you do not have to spend more money to prepare all of the things needs for the baby shower party. You can allocate existing funds for other purposes, which is more important as a preparation of the baby shower party.

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Another way, you do not have to print out too many free baby shower jeopardy questions you get from the Internet. Instead of printing more papers, you can split the attendants into several teams, so you will get enough cards to give to all the participants on the party. Now, you know how to play the baby jeopardy game and what things that you need to prepare before the game played. For the final preparations, you can look for the cute design of free baby shower jeopardy game printable. So, let’s the play game and have fun with it.

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