Baby Shower Gift – What Makes A Good One?

Baby Shower Gift – What Makes A Good One?


Are you looking for a good baby shower gift? If so, you may have already experienced the frustration that comes with choosing good gifts for baby showers. It’s hard to come up with an idea that hasn’t already been done a million times. Everyone has baby clothes, for example. How do you make your baby clothes stand out? Designer labels help, but those can be expensive. There are also plenty of baby gifts to make, but are you skilled enough to make them look good? And what about luxury baby gifts? These are unique, but can you afford them? And what does the parent and child really need. These are all questions to ask when searching for the perfect baby shower gift.

Baby shower gift

So what do you do when you need a good baby shower gift but don’t know where to start looking?

  • Baby Boy Gift Baskets

You may think of baby gift baskets as being oriented toward girls, but baby boy gift baskets can be very welcome additions to baby shower gift fare. They are unexpected, and if you put some time into choosing the right ones, they can be very practical and useful, while also having the look and feel of the best luxury baby gifts. These can be good baby gifts to make, or to buy. Instead of putting frilly girl things in them and decorating them with girl colors, make baby boy gift baskets into little masculine packages, filling them with traditional boy colors, patterns, and items. Some items in baby boy gift baskets can also be gender neutral, such as bottles and diapers and such, but even then, you can put a boy flare on them by adorning them with boy colors (or at least colors that are usually associated with boys or masculine things).

Baby Boy Gift Baskets


Baby Boy Gift Baskets

  • More Baby Gifts to Make

Handmade baby gifts are treasured, because they come from the heart and show you put a lot of effort into your gift giving. There are plenty of baby gifts to make. As we have seen, baby gift baskets are good items you can put together yourself, be they for boys or girls. You can also make a variety of clothing and blankets and even soft toys if you’re skilled with any sort of crafts, such as crocheting or knitting. Quilts are other good baby gifts to make, and can be highly personalized. Wooden toys are good baby gifts to make, too, if you’re skilled with wood…. though the baby won’t be able to play with them for a few months. They will still be very much appreciated for later use and treasured for a long time, maybe always. You can make handmade baby gifts into luxury baby gifts if you are very skilled with what you do, and the parents and child will likely proudly show off what you have made for them to everyone who comes to see them.

Handmade baby gifts

Handmade Teething Blanket

  • Baby Clothes

Baby clothes don’t have to be a boring gift idea. They can be luxury baby gifts of the highest sort, especially if you go for designer labels or organic fabrics. Neutral baby clothes are popular, since babies of any gender can wear them. Traditional boy and girl baby clothes are also popular in trendy styles and fashions. Go the extra step and buy baby clothes in a variety of sizes, even up to age 1 year or into the toddler realm and give them all to the parent at the baby shower, so the parent can have a variety of clothes from which to choose for a long time to come as the baby grows. Done correctly, baby clothes can make wonderful luxury baby gifts and a good idea for a baby shower gift for any baby shower.

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Baby Clothes

Gerber Baby Boy Zip Front Sleep ‘N Play (Pack of 2)

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