5 Popular 6 Month Baby Picture Ideas

5 Popular 6 Month Baby Picture Ideas


Thinking of 6 month baby picture ideas will drive you crazy because there are so many ways to express the baby’s happiness in a picture. But, if you have no experience about the photo concept that you should choose, it will be so frustrating for you. Especially for the new parents that have not had to take baby photo and pictures, they will find it difficult to find the best appropriate concept of the photograph. I think it would be better if you get some 6 month photo ideas before you go to the photo studio. It will make you easier to cut the time there.

Now, I have several concepts of 6 month baby pictures, which will guide you to choose the best pose with the baby. You will be satisfied with the result because it will represent the happiness that you are experiencing with the baby and the family. Let’s take a look at the concept list below.

Baby Bathing Photo Concept

This is a popular pose selected by many parents around the world. You can follow this trend by choosing this photo concept and let’s see the baby’s happiness when he or she plays with the water and the toys. Usually, there will be yellow baby duck as the property of this concept.

6 month old picture ideas

Black And White Candles

The best part about 6 month baby picture ideas is when you play with the light. Let’s go back to the past and choose a black and white photo. In order to make it look different, you can put some candles to give dramatic effect, so the picture will look good with candles’ light effect.

6 month old baby pictures

Baby Angels Picture

This is the most popular 6 month photo ideas for the baby girl. You can choose this picture concept by choosing the white drape as the background, and put some angels accessories on the baby girl. Do not forget to put the wings, the ribbons and a cute little dress so the baby girl looks great.

6 month old photo ideas

Raise The Baby

If you want to take part on the 6 month baby pictures, you can choose this photo concept. You can raise the baby with your husband and take photographs with this concept. Put a big smile on your face so it will look like a happy family.

6 month baby photo ideas

Professional-to-be Baby

You can dress the baby boy with a tie, cute little shirt, and a formal jean in order to make the baby boy looks like a professional worker. I think it is okay to dress the baby in a modern way so you will get better 6 month baby picture ideas.

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6 month photo shoot ideas

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