4 Inspiring 1st Birthday Picture Ideas

4 Inspiring 1st Birthday Picture Ideas


1st birthday picture ideas will make everything looks perfect at the birthday party. This is the first opportunity for the parents to make documentation about the baby for the first time since the baby born, celebrate the first birthday party, and during the development of the baby. It will make the baby has a perfect documentary about his life since the first birthday party, he will thank you for the photoshoot ideas you gave on the first birthday. As parents, let’s take this opportunity and covert this chance into something that can be remembered all the time. You need to think about first birthday picture ideas in order to make something good for the birthday.

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In this article, I will show you some good first birthday photo ideas that can be followed or at least it will give you references about the best photo ideas. You can take a look at the list below to inspire you in order to choose the best 1st birthday picture ideas. Every idea is worth to give a shot.

Vintage Birthday Photo

This is a popular birthday photo concept and will bring inspiration for you. You can take the photograph outdoor or indoor, anything you want. The vintage effect will create a dramatic display on the photo and the baby will look cute on the frame. It is totally worth to try.

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Play Time Outside

Sometimes you do not need a certain concept for the first birthday picture ideas. You can let the baby play with his toys and capture a candid moment. You can hire a professional photographer to ensure the result of the photograph will make you satisfied. But, it takes time to do this idea since the mood of the baby is unpredictable.

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Bubble Bath Session

It does not matter to take some pictures while the baby takes a bath. The baby would like to play with the bubble bath and his happiness showed up naturally at that time. Why do not you grab a camera and start to frame his happiness in a photograph. This is going to be one of the best photoshoot ideas.

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Balloons and Cake

The birthday is always identical with those things. You can decorate your room with balloons and cake to make good decorations for the background. Dress the baby with cute outfit to ensure he looks very good in a frame. This is a simple concept for the 1st birthday picture ideas.

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