The Rules of Baby Shower Clothespin Games

Baby Shower Clothespin Games

Baby shower clothespin game is a game that is popular because it is often done when the baby shower party. This is a game that is very easy to do and you need everyone to participate in this game. So, every guest who comes will participate in the clothespin baby shower game. This is the kind of game that will make the situation more fun and full of excitement. There is no awkward feeling among the guests so that your baby shower party will be remembered as the best meeting. The guest that does not know each other would get acquainted or even becomes friend after this game played.

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Rules and materials that required for baby shower clothespins is very easy. You only need a clothespin with a number of guests come to your meeting. Make sure that every guest who comes to get a clothespin so that everyone can play. And, here are the rules of the clothespin baby shower game you must know before the game get started:

  • All rules are determined by the host. As the host, you have the freedom to determine the banned words that should not be spoken such as “baby” “diapers” or “milk”. And, it is not just the words because you can also determine the behavior of the guest such as “women should not fix her make up during the baby party”.
  • Before it is started, just make sure that every guest gets their clothespin and put it on their clothes. After everyone gets their clothespin, then you can start the baby shower clothespin game. And, it will occur throughout the meeting and will end after the baby shower party is over.
  • Once the game starts, each of the words and behaviors that are forbidden to be done must be complied with by the participants. And, if there are those people who break the rules, then you can ask the clothespin and you are entitled to wear it.
  • This is a very fun game because the game will continue until the party is over. You can even lure your friends to say a word that is not allowed. This trap will make every participant laugh and every guest will be happy blissful.
  • The baby shower clothespins that you do at your party can be a good ice-breaker. There is no other game that can make the meeting full of joy like the baby shower clothespin game.

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