Play Baby Shower Pictionary Game

Play Baby Shower Pictionary Game

As the host of the party, you have to prepare everything necessary for guests to ensure they enjoy the time at the baby shower party. Certainly, you will serve the best for your party, the food for the guests, make the best decoration, and prepare the invitation as well. What about the game? Have you ever thought about the right game to be played at the party shower?  If haven’t yet, then why don’t you try baby shower pictionary? I bet it will become a favorite pastime in your baby shower party.

baby pictionary words

The baby pictionary is a guessing word game invented by Robert Angel at 1985 since first published it become one of the classic games where everyone in the party love to play. Even the prospective mother gets involved and became a moderator of the game who decides which team won the game. This is a popular classic game from time to time, it is simple, it’s fun, and everyone can participate. The best games to break the ice at a baby shower party. The rules are simple, pregnant women become a moderator, while all the guests were divided into two teams. Now, when the guests get indexed cards, then they have to guess the image on the card.

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Free Printable Baby Shower Pictionary Words

In order to make preparation for the game and makes everything simple you have to prepare all the stuff you need for a baby shower pictionary game. For indexed cards containing some pictures and words you do not need to buy it. You can search for printable baby shower pictionary words on the net and usually it free to download. This will make it easier to prepare all you need for a baby shower party. Make sure that you print the words pictionary on large blank white paper.

baby pictionary word list

Indexed cards contain the words are also a place for drawing instructions or clues. And, you can choose the baby shower pictionary containing words related to the baby (such as bottle, diaper, pacifier), the motherhood (diaper bags, bottle feeding, dirty diapers), pregnancy and childbirth (umbilical cord, body pillow, kicking etc.) This will make the baby pictionary games suit to the theme of the party.

baby shower pictionary word list

After all the teams get their own baby shower pictionary words, then the game may begin. The expectant mother can give a specific time to draw and guess the image. The team who succeeds guesses the image created by opposing team will be the winner of the baby shower pictionary game. Well, what do you think about this game? Any ideas? Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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