Christening Gifts–What to Buy for Baby’s Big Day

Christening Gifts–What to Buy for Baby’s Big Day


Christening gifts are different than baby shower gifts in that they are given for a religious ceremony and are often more personal in nature than the typical shower present. Because not everyone has been to a christening, or is even Christian in their religion, some of you may not be sure what makes appropriate christening gifts. If you’re invited to a christening and are expected to bring a gift, you’ll need to know what to buy to make a good impression.


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Here are our top picks for excellent christening gifts

The Personalized Baby Blanket

This is one of the most perfect christening gifts of all. It is personal and intimate without being overbearing or gaudy. A personalized baby blanket is something the child can be wrapped in before or after the christening, depending on when the gifts are given, and can also be used for years at home. With a personalized baby blanket, the parents will always think of you whenever they use it, and they will also feel good about wrapping their child in a blanket that has some kind of special meaning for him or her because of the personalization. It will always be a special moment when they bring out the blanket for the child, even if it is used every day. If you’re looking for wonderful christening gifts, you can’t go wrong with a personalized baby blanket.

The Personalized Baby Blanket

BundleBee Baby Wrap/Swaddle/Blanket

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Personalized Ella Bell Elephant Baby Blanket

Post Pregnancy Gifts are Nice, Too

Usually, the christening is held not too long after the birth of the child. It is usually a few weeks to a few months after the child is born. At this time, the child and the mother will have new needs than they did when the baby was newborn. This makes post pregnancy gifts perfect as christening gifts. These are things that the mother and child can both use at the time the christening takes place, and ideally will be able to continue to use for many months or even years afterward. Wooden toys, organic bedding, special baby clothes for dress-up occasions, baby food making machines, high chairs, rocking chairs, baby pillows (usually personalized), baby books, photo albums of pictures of the baby up until the christening, and other post pregnancy gifts like these are all appropriate and welcome christening gifts to most parents.

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Stroller Organizer, Universal Fit By Ethan & Emma

Jewish Baby Gifts Equivalents for the Bris

Not all of your friends may be Christians, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a religious ceremony involving the baby at some point shortly after the birth. Many religions have these post pregnancy infant traditions. If you have Jewish friends, you may be invited to a bris if the baby is a boy. This is kind of the Jewish equivalent of a christening, only it involves circumcision in addition to the other religious elements of the ceremony. A bris is a big celebration to most Jewish households, and parties are often held. If you’re invited to a bris, you may need to select Jewish baby gifts. Simply asking your Jewish friends what Jewish baby gifts are appropriate is a good place to start if you don’t have any idea what to get for the ceremony. You can also look online or even in Jewish baby gifts stores (there are some of these in some areas…. check to see if yours has one). With all of the resources available to you, you need never wonder what Jewish baby gifts to bring to a bris celebration.

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Christening gifts and bris gifts are special, so be sure you remember this when buying them. They can be simple or they can be luxury baby gifts, depending on your tastes, the tastes of the parents, and your budget. Whatever you choose for christening gifts, keep in mind their intimate nature to the family and you will always choose the proper baby gift.

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