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Couples Baby Shower

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Should the Baby Shower be for the Mom or the Couple? One idea that is getting more popular for baby showers is including the father in the celebration. After all, his life is going to change too, even if he doesn’t go through pregnancy or labor personally. Holding a coed baby shower isn’t a bad

Baby Shower Etiquette

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Baby Shower Etiquette When it comes to planning a baby shower certainly need to follow a few baby shower etiquette rules to ensure that you will have a successful event. Who will be the host? Traditionally, a non-relative would host the baby shower. This person could be a friend, a co-worker or church group member.

Cool Planning For Great Baby Shower Ideas

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Cool Planning For Great Baby Shower Ideas Great party for mommy to be need great baby shower ideas to prepare all you need. Planning a baby shower party can be an exciting thing that you can do because you need to arrange all the necessities for the decorations, invitations and also all the things that