Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby showers are a very special event for moms to be, and an important starting point is getting the invitations, and the baby shower invitation wording just right. You may want to make your own invitations, or you may want to buy the preprinted versions. The best of these allow you to add your own personal wording inside.

baby shower invitation wording ideas 

If plan to have useful articles and examples of baby shower invitation wording, a place for you to submit your best wordings, and also for you to view the wordings submitted by others. Ideally your invitations will be something your mother to be will love, and something the guests will open and remember always.

baby shower invites wording 

Whatever the wording you decide to use, it is important to remember the basic information:

The must be’s are:

  1. The name of the new mom and/or baby
  2. The date of the baby shower
  3. The time and location
  4. An RSVP date and phone number.
  5. And, maybe the gift registry information.

wording for baby shower invitation 

It is best to check with the mom to be regarding this, to see what she would prefer.

For those who want to really go over the top, we love the idea of making a baby shower invitation as a book. In the back is an insert where the guests can write their favorite parenting tips for the mom to be. The guests then bring the inserts to the shower, where it can all be collated, to make a personalized parenting manual and keepsake.

wording for baby shower invitations 

A new trend in invitations now is making a video e-invite! The hosts can just make a video at home and send it out via email. This is a novel option and it is budget friendly! You can really have fun doing this and you create a lasting memory.

These are a few simple ideas to hopefully get you started. Naturally, there are many other online sites you can visit for more ideas

baby shower invitations wording 

Here are a few baby shower invites wording thoughts we put together.

  • Good things come in small parcels.
  • Those who give, receive many little blessings in return.
  • A baby’s smile can melt your heart.
  • Buttons and bows and ten little toes, now you know where your money all goes.
  • When you wish upon a star, babies open your heart by far.
  • Your children are your most precious possession.
  • Baby sitters are always welcome.
  • The baker’s wife has a bun in the oven.
  • 9 months goes quickly the rest of their life even more.
  • The stork has arrived and dropped a little bundle.
  • Two hearts, one love, special children come from above.
  • Grandparents love their grandchildren and love to give them back.
  • Our children are Gods special gift.

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