Baby Shower Games For Coed

Baby Shower Games For Coed

Baby shower games for coed will be very exciting because every game can make a woman accustomed to care for the child properly. Games do not just give pleasure to every guest, but also the best way to provide education for the mother-to-be. No wonder so many baby shower games that are related to the baby. The baby shower games coed will make the atmosphere becomes filled with more passion and happiness, it is suitable for the coed baby shower party that you threw. Besides, this game will be a great way to measure your ability to care for the baby.

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And, for those of you who want to make the baby party more fun then you can try these following baby shower coed games. It will make every guest feel happy in your baby shower party.

  • Test The Baby Food

It is important to know the right foods for the baby. And, this baby shower games coed will sharpen your ability to determine the exact type of baby food. You have to provide some baby food in jars like organic food and baby food. Provide some food choices and allow guests to try to guess the name of the baby foods and food nutrients contained in it.

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  • Hold The Pee

The game has created as a form to share with pregnant women who have a higher frequency of pee than women in common. You only need balloons and a ping-pong ball. Put a balloon that has been blown into the clothes so that participants resemble a pregnant woman. And, put a ping-pong ball between your knees. Then, you have to bring a ping-pong ball and put it in the basket. It will be a very funny game because you look like holding your pee.

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  • Play-doh Baby

As a prospective parent, you need to have the skills to teach the baby in playing. You can use this game as a rehearsal. Use the Play-doh as baby shower games for coed and each participant must make a miniature baby or other form that you specify. The host will judge who made the statue with the most flattering shape would get the prize.

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  • Feed The Baby

This is a game that is fun and requires cooperation. Pair each guest and give each baby food and bandana. Close the eyes of one of the participants with bandanas and other participants pretending to be a baby. Then, the other participants had to feed the baby with a spoon that has been provided. It seems to look easy, but wait until you try this baby shower coed games.

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